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We have the equipment, including new, blueberry packing lines with top seal capability, high speed citrus packing lines imbedded with leading-edge technology, a high speed and superior quality peach packing line, customized grading and repacking lines staffed with the most qualified and experienced employees in the industry. We utilize a Redline Cooler pallet tracking system and FamousTM inventory control systems.


Cold Storage: Forced Air Cooling and Certified Cold Treatment Rooms

Ability to quickly reduce product temperatures through forced cool air technology ensuring product quality and stability
Forced air room can pre-cool product to desired temperatures
Certified cold rooms which are constantly monitored by our expert staff
Short and long-term storage capacity where product is consistently maintained at required temperatures through high tech systems
Cold Storage


State-of-the-Art Blueberry Packaging Lines with Top Seal Capabilities

Top Seal Film Line provides highest food safety and security standards

Various Package Container Types are available such as 4 oz., 6 oz., 12 oz., pint, 18 oz., 24 oz. and 2 lb

Impressive Processing Speeds offer upwards of 200 containers per minute depending on the container size

Innovative Fill By Weight Technology ensures accurate, consistent and sustainable packaging weights

Multiple Color And Soft Sorters guarantee the highest product quality

Eco-Friendly Punnets provide a green, recyclable, sustainable packaging option

Leading edge technology imbedded into our citrus packaging equipment

High speed peach packaging line focused on superior product quality

Customized grading and repackaging lines that can be reconfigured to meet all customer requirements 



State of the art Daumar equipment allows a comprehensive range of pack sizes from 1lb to 5lb and to maximize the output

Production speeds up to 60 bags per minute

Ideal for pack weights ranging from 1 lb up to 10 lbs

Optimal for all varieties of citrus and similar roundish produce



Utilize the best technology and business systems to create a JIT (just-in-time) shipping process allowing product to move directly from receivables to outgoing shipping without long-term storage


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